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Sustainable Tourism​

Sustainable tourism is not just a rising travel trend. It is also becoming a priority, if not a moral imperative for Tourism Businesses around the world. Increasingly, travellers and travel providers are seeking confirmation that sustainability practices are in place.

The Mauritius Standards Bureau (MSB) has introduced the STMSCS whereby Hotels & Accommodations and Tour Operators operating within the Mauritian jurisdiction and territories, are certified as per the Standard MS 165 (Sustainable Tourism Management System) branded as the Blue Oasis.
STMS provides a framework to establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve sustainability in the tourism sector. It helps an organization in the tourism sector achieves the intended outcomes of its sustainability performance by adding value to the environment, the organization itself, the society and interested parties.

Since 26 April 2019, the MS 165 standard has gained full recognition by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).
With a view to offering a certification of higher level of assurance and of international recognition, MSB has successfully achieved accreditation by GSTC for the STMSCS (Blue Oasis) Scheme, allowing it to join a select group of Certification Bodies around the globe. Moreover, the Blue Oasis scheme is the first national programme to gain such accreditation.

The stated scope of the GSTC Accreditation of MSB is for certifying hotels/accommodations and tour operators in Mauritius.

Hence, Businesses certified by a GSTC-Accredited Certification Body like MSB, meeting all the criteria of MS 165, have the highest level of assurance and credibility available. With an accredited certification, customers and buyers are assured that the business was certified in a credibly verified procedure in a transparent, impartial, and competent manner.

Route to Registration to STMS (Blue Oasis).

​Preliminary visit
​Guidance from MSB based on MS 165:2019
​Receipt of application
​Certification Process

​- Stage 1: Documentation Review & evaluate client’s readiness
​- Stage 2: Implementation audit & evaluate effectiveness of client’s system
​- Lead Auditor’s recommendation for certification

​- Certificate issued by certification/registration body valid for three years

​- Periodic review audits (yearly)​

Reassessment (prior to expiry of certificate)

For additional information please contact: 
Naushad Luttoo,

Quality Assurance Unit,

S Pillay Kanaksabee,
Head of Quality Assurance Unit,

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