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Mauritius Standards Bureau


The Mauritius Standards Bureau is the custodian of all National Measurement Standards and is thus the Apex body within the National Metrological Infrastructure.

The metrology unit at MSB holds the primary measurements standards for Mass, Pressure, Force, Length, Temperature, DC Voltage and Electrical Resistance. The Bureau is responsible for Scientific and Industrial Metrology in Mauritius.
The main role of the scientific Metrology Laboratories is to maintain the status of all national measurement standards and to provide internationally-recognised traceability of measurement to all the stakeholders of the economy. It also has the function to  disseminate the values of the International System of Units (SI) through calibration services to all sectors of the economy.
The industrial Metrology laboratories offer calibration Services for measuring equipment in the fields of Mass, Pressure, Force,  Dimension,  Temperature and Electrical measurements on a voluntary basis against a fee.

Regional Affiliation

MSB forms part of the regional and the global metrological network through its membership with the Intra-Africa Metrology System (AFRIMETS) and the SADC Cooperation in Measurement Traceability (SADCMET), which are our Regional and sub-Regional Metrology Organisations respectively. These organisations are linked to the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM), whose responsibility is to ensure global uniformity of measurement and traceability to SI units.
International Affiliation

Mauritius, through scientific metrology activities at the MSB, is an Associate of the General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM), since October 2010. Mauritius is also a signatory to the Mutual Recognition Arrangement of the International Commitee on Weights and Measures (CIPM/MRA) since February 2011.

The processes, activities and submission of Calibration and Measurement Capabalities(CMC's) under this arrangement will lead the scientific Metrology laboratory to the international recognition of MSB's Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CMCs) and calibration reports issued.

Currently the Scientific Metrology laboratories for Mass measurement and Temperature measurement are  involved in activities and processes leading to the submission of CMCs in the Key Comparison Data Base(KCDB) of the BIPM. 

The Quality system and technical capabilities of both measurement  laboratories have been assesed in 2016 by a team of assessors from AFRIMETS, our Regional Metrology Organisation (RMO).
The Metrology Laboratories participated in regional inter-laboratory comparisons as well as key comparisons of the AFRIMET to prove its established CMC's.



The Industrial Metrology  Laboratories offer calibration of measuring equipment in the areas of Mass,Pressure,force,Length, Temperature and electrical resistance. 

Currently, the Mass, Dimensional and Temperature Metrology Laboratories are accredited by the Mauritius Accreditation Service (MAURITAS) to ISO/IEC 17025 for a total of 9 measurement scope


Measured Quantity of type of Gauge or Instrument

Range of Measured Quantity

Calibration and Measurement Capabilities expressed as an Uncertainty







Mass pieces

1 mg

0.007 mg



2 mg

0.007 mg



5 mg

0.007 mg



10 mg

0.008 mg



20 mg

0.010 mg



50 mg

0.013 mg



100 mg

0.017 mg



200 mg

0.020 mg



500 mg

0.027 mg



1 g

0.03 mg



2 g

0.04 mg



5 g

0.05 mg



10 g

0.07 mg



20 g

0.08 mg



50 g

0.10 mg



100 g to 20 kg

0.00016 %






Weighing instruments




Digital self-indicating

1 mg to 50 g

0.1 mg



50 g to 2000 g

0.000 25 %



2 kg to 12 kg

0.001 %



12 kg to 20 kg

0.005 %



20 kg to 100 kg

0.005 %






On-site calibration of items 2


Dimensional Calibrations




Linear dimensions




Line standards:

(1 to 1000) mm

0.10 mm


Engineer’s steel rule








Various dimensional hand instruments




External micrometer

(0 to 125) mm

4.0 mm



(0 to 300) mm

10 mm


Dial gauge

(0 to 30) mm

5.0 mm










Ice point reference

0.0 °C

0.05 °C


Thermometers: Liquid-in-glass

(0 to 70) °C

0.2 °C



(70 to 100) °C

0.9 °C

Note: Calibration and measurement capability (CMC), expressed as an expanded uncertainty of measurement, is stated as the standard uncertainty of measurement multiplied by a coverage factor k = 2, corresponding to a confidence level of approximately 95 %.