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Mauritius Standards Bureau
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Standardization - Committee Structure

The development of standards is carried out by consensus of all stakeholders grouped under various technical committees.

MSB has adopted a two-stage approach for developing standards.
Standards Committees have been established to oversee standards work in specific economic sectors or generic subjects and develop national standards appropriate to the needs of these sectors.

The Standards Committees may then set up one or more subcommittees to focus on specific parts of the overall standards requirements.
There are presently 15 Standards Committees, mandated for the period January 2017 – December 2020, and about 25 subcommittees working on different projects.

The objective of the Bureau is to harmonize the national standards with international or
regional standards whenever these exist and are applicable.

The standards developed are voluntary, however, some Mauritian Standards have been referred in Legislation and are mandatory.
Stages for the development of a Mauritian Standard
A Mauritian Standard is the result of an agreement among all the stakeholders. The development of a Mauritian Standard follows a sequence of stages.