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Food and Agriculture Laboratory


The Food and Agriculture Laboratory (F&A Lab) offers a wide range of testing services for the food and agro industries, regulatory bodies and the consumers. The F&A Lab embarked on an accreditation programme and in 2008 it obtained accreditation for five test methods from MAURITAS. Currently, the F&A Lab have accredited 24 test methods in different fields and all based on International Standards like the ISO, AOAC and EU Reference Method.
The Food and Agriculture Laboratory has accredited 19 test methods for different sample matrices. Accreditation and regular assessments are conducted by MAURITAS. The test methods accredited is given in the table below.  The F&A Lab participates in Proficiency Testing from FAPAS and Laboratoriz to ensure technically valid test results.
Food and Agriculture 
The laboratory is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 for the following test methods:
Materials/Products Tested
Test Methods
Cereals and Cereal Products
Determination of Moisture Content
Determination of Total Ash Content
Determination of Nitrogen Content – Kjeldahl Method
Dried Milk Powder and Dried Milk Products
Determination of fat content
Determination of Average Length
Determination of Broken kernels
Determination of Foreign Matter/Grains and Paddy
Determination of Red and Undermilled kernels, Damaged and Yellow kernels,
Chalky kernels
Fish and Fishery Products
Determination of Moisture Content
Determination of Protein Content
Determination of Fat Content
Determination of Histamine Content
Determination of Total Volatile Base-Nitrogen (TVB-N)
Determination of Ammonium
Determination of Total Chlorine
Determination of pH
Determination of Electrical Conductivity
Determination of Total Dissolved Solids
Determination of Turbidity


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