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Fibre Technology

The Mauritian Textile Industry has witnessed major changes on the world market. Higher cost of production, higher wages, higher power costs and raw materials have compelled the industry to re-engineer its activities in order to be able to gain additional market share within a tougher and competitive market.

To be in line with these changes occurring in the industry, the Fibre Technology Laboratory has had to join forces with all stakeholders in order to offer an appropriate service at reasonable prices. Additional testing services are now offered in the following areas:
1.     Fibre
2.     Yarn
3.     Garments
4.     Leather & footwear
5.     Paper & paper products
6.    Assessment of test reports & issuance of certificate of compliance for regulated items namely toys, helmets, gas lighters and Gas hose, Plastic pipes and Personal Protective Equipment


The Occupational Safety and Health Act has come into force since 25 January 2013. Personal Protective Equipment importers are now required to have a certificate of compliance issued by MSB in order to be able to market their products. In this context a meeting was held on 22 May 2013 with PPE importers in order to assist them in understanding the procedures that they will have to abide by and the relevant applicable standards.


The laboratory is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 for the following test methods:


(i) Colour fastness to water
(ii) Colour fastness to perspiration
(iii) Colour fastness to dry/wet rubbing
(iv) Determination of yarn twist
(v)  Determination of fabric propensity to surface fuzzing and pilling
(vi) Flammability


The laboratory is a member of the following international organisation
1.     The Textile Institute
2.     The American Association of Textile Chemist and Colorist
Specialized technical information relevant to the changes and development in the textile sector are available through the AATCC and Textile Month magazines that are issued by these organizations. The documents may be consulted freely in the Documentation and Information Centre of the Bureau.
To continually improve the reliability of its test results, the Fibre Technology Laboratory is currently registered with AATCC (USA) and LGA (France) to carry out proficiency testing. This activity is scheduled on an annual basis whereby several participants carry out testing on samples provided by the PT provider. Parallel to this activity, an interlaboratory exercise is also carried out among local testing bodies to further ensure the reliability and correctness of our test results. These are then statistically analysed. Up to now, the Fibre Technology Laboratory has been performing within the control limits set internationally.



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