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Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The Electrical & Electronic Engineering Laboratory is equipped to carry out tests on electrical materials and products for various clients including Ministries, importers, power utilities and manufacturers.

The Laboratory specializes in carrying out tests on Electric Power Cables. Safety tests are performed on electric cables upon request from the Regulator, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection prior to release from customs. The laboratory also conducts verification of certificates of conformity for electrical products such as Residual Current Devices (RCDs) and Electric Water Heaters upon request from the Regulator, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection in view of ensuring public safety.


The laboratory has also recently been equipped to perform safety tests on Household Electrical Appliances as the Consumer Protection (Safety requirements) Regulations 2017, and Energy Efficiency testing on Household Electrical Appliances such as Household Refrigerating Appliances and Electric Ovens. We have also embarked on capacity building for Energy Efficiency testing of Electric Dishwashers.


The following tests are offered by the laboratory: dimensional and electrical tests on electric cables; Safety tests, i.e., Visual check, Dielectric Strength test, Leakage current test, Power input and current measurement, Earth resistance test and Insulation test on Household electrical appliances.



The laboratory has embarked on accreditation of its cables testing facility to ISO/IEC 17025. Once fully accredited, it plans to seek the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) recognition as a National Testing Laboratory (NTL). It already participates in the proficiency test program offered by the IFM Quality Services Ltd (Australia) for the scope of electrical tests.


The laboratory is constantly upgrading its test facilities with the acquisition of new equipment to increase its scope of activities. In this context it is actively engaged with other stakeholders in projects related to Energy Efficiency and safety testing of Domestic and Household Appliances.


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