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Benefits of ISO

Worldwide recognition
The ISO 9000 standards have been accepted internationally as the universal quality management system standards.
Access to overseas market
Many purchases now tend to specify certification to ISO 9000 as a requirement in their orders for both products and services. Certification to ISO 9000 also helps to retain existing markets.
Reduction of multiple assessments
With ISO 9000 certification, the number of second party audits by customers will be reduced, hence saving time and money for both customers and suppliers.
Cost reduction, quality improvement and productivity
ISO 9000 encompasses the entire product or service development effort and stresses that quality begins at the design stage. This eliminates and avoids quality deficiencies and this leads to the elimination of scrap or rework.
Team spirit
ISO 9000 emphasizes the integration of all functional departments within a company and improves relationship at different organisational level.
Prevention rather than detection
ISO 9000 advocates a market oriented approach to product development. It defines quality as fitness for purpose or conformance with customer specifications.
Certification to ISO 9000 enables companies to show their commitment to quality to their employees and to their customers.
Corporate and quality image
Certification to ISO 9000 can be used as a marketing tool to demonstrate the suppliers' commitment to quality, hence giving a better corporate and quality image.
Customer focus
Certification to ISO 9000 enables the company to focus on Customer needs. The organisation will thus be not only able to satisfy customer needs but also to exceed customer expectations.
Involvement of people
With the implementation of ISO 9000 in an organisation people at all levels are involved. This will help the abilities of people to be used for the organisation's benefit.
Continual improvement
The philosophy of ISO 9001:2008 is continual improvement. Hence with its implementation continual improvement of the organisation's overall performance of the quality management system becomes a permanent objective of the organisation.

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