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Mauritius Standards Bureau


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Date: May 17, 2019


The Bureau wishes to inform its esteemed clients that the laboratories of the;
1. Chemical Unit; namely the Food and Agriculture Laboratory, Food Microbiology Laboratory, Chemical Technology Laboratory and the Fibre Technology Laboratory,
and that of the:
2. Engineering Unit: namely Civil Engineering Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, and Electric and Electronic Engineering Laboratory
had undergone an assessment by Mauritius Accreditation Services (MAURITAS) and as from 14 March 2019 all the above mentioned laboratories have been assigned a single accreditation number, which is T 005.

All test reports issued by the laboratories of the Chemical and Engineering Units, after 14 March 2019 with accreditation numbers:  T 006, T 010, T 012, T 013, T 005, and T 0011 should read as T005. The Bureau is in the process of updating its test report format with new accreditation number T005.
Any query on the accreditation issues please contact the respective laboratories.


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