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A Mauritian Standard for Solar Water Heater

The Mauritius Standards Bureau was requested to develop standards which may be used for certification purposes for both locally manufactured and imported solar water heaters. The standard MS EN 12976-1:2006Thermal solar systems and components – Factory made systems – Part 1: General requirements, identified by the experts of the Maurice Ile Durable Project (MID) has been adopted and gazetted as Mauritian Standard on 13 February 2010.
The MS EN 12976-1:2006 which is based on the European Standard, specifies requirements on durability, reliability and safety for factory made thermal solar heating systems. Such system is considered as a single product and is assessed as a whole. The standard also includes provisions for evaluation of conformity to these requirements; it also makes provisions for the documentation for the installer and the user which is delivered with the system. It is agreed by all stakeholders that the implementation of the standard would go a long way in ensuring the quality and reliability of solar water heaters placed on the local market.
The MID project in its aim at promoting sustainable development has put emphasis on increasing reliance on renewable energy. The new solar water heater scheme 2010 provides for a grant of Rs 5 000 for each solar water heater to be purchased by households.
Suppliers of solar water heaters have to be registered under this scheme and they have to provide evidence that their products comply with the standard MS EN 12976-1:2006 or any other equivalent standard acceptable to the Mauritius Standards Bureau.
More information on the standard can be obtained from Mr D L Dhondee, Head of Unit, Mauritius Standards Bureau.