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Mauritius Standards Bureau

Quality Management System

National Quality Management System Certification Scheme


MSB operates the National Management Systems Certification Scheme under section 22 of the Mauritius Standards Bureau Act 1993 (Amendment Act 1999) and the Mauritius Standards Bureau (National Management Systems Certification Scheme) Regulations 2009.



The objective of this third party quality management system certification scheme is to give recognition to companies which have properly designed, planned, established, maintained and implemented quality management systems meeting the requirements of MS ISO 9001:2008.


These Mauritian Standards on quality management systems are identical to the ISO 9000 core series of standards which have been published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).    

MS ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management Systems - Requirements

  Overview of MS ISO 9001:2008
Since the Bureau is a certification body involved in independent assessment, MSB does not at any stage provide consultancy services for establishment of quality management systems
  Benefits of ISO 9000 Certification
All certificates granted by MSB are accompanied by annex/es which define the scope of registration. The scope of registration states the range of that firm's capability which has been assessed. That range is expressed in terms of the product range available to its customers with regard to each appropriate activity defined by the "Nomenclature générale de activités économiques dans les communautés européennes" (NACE).    

The certificate of registration granted by MSB is valid for a period of three years. MSB performs regular surveillance audits at the registered firm's premises to ensure that it consistenly complies with the requirements of the standard and that the company is fit to maintain the certificate of registration. The certification may be renewed after a reassessment is carried out and satisfactory results obtained.



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