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Mauritius Standards Bureau

MSB Certification Mark


MSB operates its Certification Mark Scheme for products and processes under section 21 of the Mauritius Standards Bureau Act 1993 (Amendment Act 1999) and the Mauritius Standards Bureau (Certification Mark) Regulations 1996 (Amendments 2012 & 2017). The scheme which is a nationally recognised one is operated on a voluntary basis. Under this scheme MSB grants licences to use the MSB Certification Mark to companies for the products/processes which meet all the requirements of the relevant Mauritian Standard. The Certification Mark can be displayed on the product certified and signifies that the product has met all the requirements of the relevant Mauritian Standard and is manufactured under an approved Quality Plan.

 product mark



Benefits of the MSB Certification Mark:

To the Manufacturer

The MSB Certification Mark supports his claim that his product conforms to the relevant Mauritian Standard and helps to promote the competitiveness and marketability of his product.

To the buyer

The MSB Certification Mark ensures that he is buying a product conforming to the relevant Mauritian Standard and which has been manufactured under an approved quality plan.

Ensures that he gets value for money.



Monitoring of Licensees



The licence issued by MSB is valid for two years and the Bureau conducts regular surveillance visits to the licensee to ensure continuing implementation of the Quality Plan.

The Bureau also conducts regular tests on products certified thus providing assurance that they consistently comply with the Standard. The licence can be renewed for a further period of two years subjects to satisfactory performance by the company and upon payment of the relevant licence fee.



Route to obtain a licence under the MSB Certification Mark Scheme


Route to Mauricert

   Click here  to view mauricert license 
Click here to view terms and conditions for certification mark