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Mauritius Standards Bureau
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Standards Council


Mrs I.M. Oree

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection (Industry Division)

Representative of Ministry responsible for Industry

Mrs A Mudhoo, Deputy Permanent Secretary

Alternate  Mrs V D Appadoo, Assistant Permanent S​ecretary

Representative of Ministry responsible for Consumer protection

Mr S Kissoon Assistant Permanent Secretary

Alternate  Mrs B R Mohuddy, Assistant Permanent Secretary​





Representative of the University of Mauritius

Dr A.K. Seebaluck, Senior Lecturer

Alternate Mr L. Vencataya Lecturer​

Representative of the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr A . Kaidoo

Operational Manager




Representative of Institution of engineers Mauritius
Mr. S Ramsurrun
Commercial Manager




Members appointed by the Minister    

Mr. S.K Dauharry(Roshan) 

Member of the Consumer Advocacy Platform

(Member of Consumer organizatio​n)

Mr. Louis Jean Bernard Perrine 

Mr. A.Y.  Bissessur

Head of Computer Science Department

Click here to view code of conduct for council members